Power Failure

Sanctuary Park is designed to minimize the risk of a general power failure resulting from causes within the building. Typically, should a power failure occur, it will affect either an isolated area of the building or some larger portion of surrounding geographic area.

In case of a power failure, battery powered light fixtures will supply emergency lighting in offices, corridors and stairwells. These will remain lit in a general power failure for 90 minutes.
If an electrical failure does occur, the following guidelines should be observed.

  1. Contact the Management Office (770) 569-1124. The Management Office will attempt to expedite the power restoration by contacting Georgia Power. They will begin work on the outage immediately.
  2. Raise blinds to let in outside light. If there is adequate lighting from windows, continue performing assignment as well as possible.
  3. If you are instructed to evacuate, lock all areas.
  4. Do not congregate in lobby areas or in the roadways.
  5. If you are trapped in an elevator during a power failure, wait for assistance. Your elevator will cease operation, but WILL NOT FALL. Do not force open the doors or try to escape through the roof hatch. If the power is restored while an escape is attempted, severe or fatal injuries could result.
  6. DO NOT PANIC. If an emergency rescue is required, it will be performed only by the Fire Department or the elevator service company. Use the phone in the elevator to call the elevator service company and report the issue.
  7. The Management Office will attempt to advise you regarding the length and cause of the power failure as soon as possible.