Site Plan/Signage

Standard Mail Services

The Sanctuary Park mail rooms are located on the first floors of the buildings.  Mailboxes will be supplied for each tenant.  Mail will be delivered to these boxes daily.   Mail delivery and pick up occurs daily at each building Monday through Saturday. If you lose your key for your assigned mail box, you must contact the United States Postal Service. The mail boxes are not controlled by Sanctuary Park. There is not a USPS package drop-box on-site. You must go to a USPS location to drop off items larger than an envelope.

For additional questions regarding mail delivery please contact the United States Postal Service:
ALPHARETTA, GA 30009-9998

Overnight Delivery Services
Overnight delivery service drop boxes are located in the mail rooms or loading docks of most buildings.  See drop boxes for pickup times. Sanctuary Park offers drop boxes with FedEx and UPS. Not all buildings will have both providers.