Parking Policy

Parking is available to tenants and their guests at no charge. Please refrain from parking in front of the buildings. Parking Spots labeled "Reserved" are for pre-assigned individuals only. Parking spots labeled "Visitor" are only to be occupied by visitors of Sanctuary Park and have a 2-hour limit. One must park in a designated parking spot. Parking along the sidewalks and curbs is not permitted. Any violations of these regulations will result in the following:
First Offense – Warning Ticket
Second Offense – Violation Sticker
Third Offense – Vehicle will be Towed
Overnight vehicles are permitted with advance approval from the Management Office. Please inform the Management Office through an Overnight Vehicle work order or email of the car’s color, make, model, license plate number and an emergency contact for the owner of the car. Sanctuary Park is not responsible for any damage to vehicles parked on the premises overnight.