Event Policy

The Sanctuary Park Property Management team wants to make your event planning process as easy as possible. Please follow the guidelines below:

Please access the online Sanctuary Park Reservation System found at
www.buildingengines.com to book Conference Rooms and/or the Softball Field and Pavilion. The system will prompt you to pick a date, time, and location for your event. If you do not have a login, please contact your office manager to make the reservation using his or her login. If your office is new to Sanctuary Park, you can request a login via Request a Reservation Account. Upon receipt of your reservation request, Property Management will confirm your reservation if the requested time is available.
* If you are planning to hold an event anywhere other than the conference room or softball pavilion (i.e. building lobby, courtyard, parking lot, etc.) please email
sanctuary.park@rpoperations.com for approval and additional instructions. These events require an executed license agreement. All requests must be submitted at least 5 business days prior to the event.

Event Details:
Once you have picked a date for your event you will need to inform Property Management via email at
santuary.park@rpoperations.com of the event details and any vendors you will be utilizing: food truck, tent, furniture/tables and chairs, bounce house, carnival games, catering, etc.

Event Requirements:
Every event is different, but below are the general requirements including documents that must be provided to Property Management prior to the event date.
  • License Agreement(s) - A license agreement for use of the space will be drafted by Property Management and must be signed and returned to Property Management. The license agreement may only be signed by a person designated to sign on behalf of your company.
  • Insurance - All vendors must have a certificate of insurance on file with Property Management. The insurance requirements are in the Policies and Procedures section of our website.
  • Tents - Tents over 100 square feet require a permit from the City of Alpharetta or City of Roswell.
  • Food Trucks - Food trucks require an operating permit from the City of Alpharetta or City of Roswell (unless the truck is solely used as a prepaid catering truck).
    • For questions regarding events at Sanctuary Park, please contact the Property Management Office at sanctuary.park@rpoperations.com or 770-569-1124.
    • For questions regarding City of Alpharetta event permits, please contact City of Alpharetta Special Events - Brett Schroeder, 678-297-6088.
    • For questions regarding City of Roswell event permits, please contact City of Roswell Special Events – Chris Ward (770) 594-6271 or Kim Weber (770) 594-6443.