Insurance Requirements

Tenant Insurance Requirements

Insurance requirements for Tenants are governed by the Tenant’s lease. Please reference your
lease agreement for specific policy information.

The Certificate Holder and Additional Insured information can be found below:

Certificate Holder:

Sanctuary Acquisitions West, LLC, Sanctuary Acquisitions East, LLC and Sanctuary Park Owner's Association, Inc.
c/o Rubenstein Partners
1150 Sanctuary Parkway, Suite 145
Alpharetta, GA 30009
Attn: General Manager

Please submit a copy of your insurance requirements at your earliest convenience by mail to the Certificate Holder address or by email to


Vendor Insurance Requirements

Please click here for a copy of the Service Contractor Insurance Requirements

A current copy of the COI and a copy of the additional insured endorsement (and such other evidence of insurance as the Certificate Holder may request) must be on file in the listed property management office before work can begin.  The COI must identify by name those entities specifically listed above as additional insureds, and shall reference those entities identified by category (e.g., entity under common control) by adding the following language immediately after the list of named entities: “and any other entities where required by written contract.”   

Copies of the certificate(s) should be emailed to RPO Property Management, LLC at and, and the original document sent in the mail to the Certificate Holder's address.