Standard Deliveries
The loading dock areas of each building are open Monday through Friday 7:00am – 6:00pm.  Deliveries of items such as furniture, appliances, filing cabinets, etc. must be made after hours.  Please see the section on “above standard deliveries” below for more information.
  • Please notify all vendors, caterers, and delivery personnel that they must use the loading dock areas.
  • Sanctuary Park will not receive goods on behalf of the tenant.
  • There is a 15 minute limit for vehicles at the loading dock during business hours.
  • No personal vehicles will be permitted to park in this area.

Above Standard Deliveries
Delivery of items such as furniture, filings cabinets, and appliances are considered to be above standard deliveries.  These deliveries can be made after 6:00 pm or before 7:00 am Monday through Friday and all day Saturday or Sunday.  A protective layer of material, such as masonite, must be installed on all common corridor and lobby floors.  All door jambs must be protected by cardboard or padding.  The building’s recycling dumpsters are available for approved packing and moving materials.  Please note any damage to the building caused by your moving company is your responsibility.  Any required repairs to the building will be performed by our contractors and invoiced to you.  The Fire Marshall prohibits the blocking of any fire corridor, exit door, elevator, lobby, or hallway.