Sanctuary Park is equipped with a card access security system at both park entrances and in each building.  Normal business hours are designated as 7:00 am – 6:00 pm (M-F). 

Access Cards
  • The request should be initiated by your office or facilities manager.
  • At the expiration of the lease, all cards must be returned. 
  • In the event an access card is lost, stolen or damaged, a $15 fee will be required to issue a replacement card.
  • Additional cards for new employees will also be subject to this fee.
  • Building personnel are not authorized to open any locked area for tenants or guests. 
  • Tenants, visitors, and guests must have a card or key to gain entry.
  • Outside normal business hours, all deliveries, visitors, contractors, vendors, or personnel without an access card must notify the management office at least 24 hours prior to arrival.
  • Please note that Sanctuary Park security is unable to allow personnel not previously announced access to Sanctuary Park.

  • Additional keys may be obtained through the management office.
  • Keys cannot be duplicated by outside locksmiths.
  • Tenants will be issued two keys per cylinder upon acceptance of leased space. Requests for additional keys should be signed by your Facilities Manager.
  • The charge for keys is $5.00.

After Hours Visitors
Please notify the management office 24 hours in advance of any after hours visitors to Sanctuary Park. Individual visitors will be asked upon arriving at the guardhouse for the company name and corresponding employee with whom they are meeting.  In the case of a large group (i.e. conference or meeting), the guardhouse will need to be notified in advance in order to maintain even traffic flow.  Should a visitor arrive at the guard house without prior authorization, the security guard will place a call to your primary and/or secondary tenant contact to request authorization.  In the case that neither contact can be reached, nor prior authorization is not arranged, the visitor(s) will not be granted access to the park.  Please refer to the previous section regarding card access for more detailed information.